The Boys of Summer

Maybe summer is so magical because it comes in ready-made episodes. The rest of the year plods along, week by week, but when summer rolls around you find yourself suddenly jumping from one year to the next. “That was the summer I learned to ride a bike.” “That was the summer I learned to water ski.” “That was the summer when the annoying little tomboy up the hill turned into… Miranda.” Summer means growing up, piece by piece, in all its bittersweet glory.

Peek clothes are designed with memories in mind. When one of our tees makes you isntantly wistful, we get happy. That’s why we use retro typeface and graphics inspired by our own memories. Then you put them on your kids, and they create their own memories, and the cycle continues. Captured on a carousel of time!

Peek tees, shirts and shorts go together in myriad combinations to create an array of effortless summer looks. Here are some of our favorites – bet you can use your own memories as a jumping-off point for outfits of your own. is such a summertime staple. Whether it’s found at the beach, the lake, the pond, or the sprinklers out back – that wet stuff is the only way to cool off on a hot day. Did you learn to paddle a canoe at camp? Did you screw up your courage to water-ski at your grandpa’s summer place? Did your dad let you stay up after dark and create a “thunderstorm” in the driveway by running the hose up to the terrace above? Did you get to fill a super-soaker and blast each other backwards while your mom fretted that you’d somehow put an eye out? Catch a wave, wherever it is… or explore our other tees (baseball! soccer! funny stuff!) and see what dormant memories they awaken in you.

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When summer rolls around, “dressing up” becomes less about pinchy shoes and more about… anything that’s fancier than a tee. Especially in California, where casualwear rules all year ’round, a family picnic or after-church barbecue means comfort while he runs around after his newfound friends. This is the shirt for firefly hunting, for funny faces in family photos, for walking to the ice cream store all by himself (he doesn’t have to know you’re watching from the upstairs window) with a dollar clutched in one hand and his little cousin’s hand in the other.

what kind of drug is ambienPants begone! But while we’ve got fond memories of cutoff shorts, our moms just remember the frustration of them ripping in the wrong place, trailing strings, and looking way worse than they felt. Oh, the fights over those precious cutoffs! Never fear – Peek has thought of it all, including “cutoff” shorts with a raw edge that’s reinforced (to save your sanity) even as it’s cute, comfortable and casual for maximum knee-exposure.

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