Share your Summer Memories – And win $100!

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  1. admin says:

    My favorite memory of summer was always running around in the warm summer nights using old jars to catch lightning bugs. We would take an ice pick and poke holes in the tops of the jar lids. They were everywhere!

  2. Erin says:

    My favorite memory is playing in the garden where we would grow green beans as tall as trees and when it got too warm finding anything big enough to sit in and filling it with water from the hose, making my very own “pool”.

  3. Jen says:

    Swimming all day, until we had to turn the light on in the pool and the junebugs would coat the surface of the water. Swinging on the swingset so high that we would flip over the top. The year my brother and I had a lemonade stand. Love summer. Love Peek.

  4. Amy says:

    My family spent every summer at our lakefront home on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe. I have so many wonderful memories of our time there, but I think the most vivid would be my brother and I, along with two other neighbor kids making a “hot tub”. Unlike some areas of Tahoe, our beach was not sand, but large rocks and we spent an entire summer one year moving rocks to the shallow area of the beach and creating a circle, or a hot tub. Our theory was if the water was shallow enough, and if we contained it in a circle, on the hot days it would be nice and warm and we could sit in there an enjoy it. So we braved the crawdeads living underneath the rocks and hallowed out perfect circle, complete with seats for us to sit on and a little area for drinks and food. It took us all summer. I can’t tell you if the water ever got hot enough for it to feel like a hot tub, but we sure enjoyed pretending it was! I am sure that little hot tub is still there today, about 25 years later. :)

  5. Scott says:

    Summer Memories…Freedom, unabashed freedom. Memories shouldn’t be confused with reality. They are huge run on sentences of the mind.

    I often relate to my kids how Mom would open the door after breakfast during summer and utter these familiar words “don’t come back until dinner time”. When I share this with my kids, it is in a “aw shucks we had it rough sort of way.”

    Here is my run on sentence of Summer…

    It’s hot already…choices…Do we have enough kids to play baseball today…What time is swim practice…
    How far do you think we can ride our bikes…Thrifty Ice Cream is 15 cents, I hope they have double malted crunch…If I work in the locker room at the pool for two hours I can get a hot dog and candy…let’s dig a giant hole and cover it with wood…wiffle ball at Matt’s house…let’s catch a snake today…thunder and lightning storms are exhilarating…Waterslides, Mini Golf, Amusement Parks, The Beach, Hot Vinyl Seats are really sticky…one day we thought it was a good idea to climb a mountain…We didn’t make it back in time for Dinner. Grounded.

  6. Janine says:

    My favorite summer memory is picking blueberries, raspberries and blackberries from the bushes we planted in our backyard in New Jersey. My brother, sister and I would have berry stained lips and hands for at least a week. That sour and sweet taste still gets me today when we test the berries at one of the SoCal Farmers Markets!

  7. Susan says:

    My favorite summer memories are swimming and BBQing hamburgers every weekend with my family at our favorite pond.

  8. Brie says:

    Spying on the older neighbor in our tree fort.

  9. Jill Fritts says:

    Sleeping in the backyard “clubhouse” with my two best girlfriends…or at least trying to. We would always get totally freaked out by something (usually one of our brothers playing tricks on us) and end up running inside about midnight to sleep on the living room floor and to gossip and tell secrets under the blankets with flashlights.

  10. Nicole says:

    Driving cross-country in my Grandpa’s beat-up Chevrolet, listening to old country blue-grass music, with the windows down, and my hair blowing in the wind while slurping on an ice-cold popsicle.

  11. Kristen says:

    My favorite summer memory is eating the salty, soggy french fries they sold at the snack shack at the beach. Somehow, after a good swim in the ocean, sharing an order of those with friends was the best thing in the world!

  12. Benjamin says:

    I have such fond memories of our neighborhood pool, getting an igloo packed with a cold sandwich drink and chips prepared by mom. A group of us kids would stay from pool open at 10am until close at 6pm and play sharks and minnows, dive off the diving board and play various pool games. Those were amazing easy times.

  13. Sarah says:

    Long summer days in the northwest…My fondest memories circle back to our family garden that was huge by all accounts. It was not only a place were my adventures would come alive I loved picking fresh berries and vegtables washing them off with the garden hose and having my lunch.

  14. Wendy Johnson says:

    Traveling up and down and around the block in search of the “best” spot for our lemonade stand and shivering with excitement when the bus driver on the local route opted to stop at our stand (which was not at an official stop!) to buy drinks for himself and his passengers.

  15. Liz Yori says:

    My favorite memory is spending summer weeks on a lake in Indiana. We live in Phoenix, AZ, I grew up here and just a few years ago, my mom and her fiancee bought a home in Indiana, on Lake Wawasee. I never thought I would love Indiana like I do! Here are a few of my favorite things: sprawling green lawns that go on for miles, boats and jet skis, diving boards in the channel, trains passing by and the kids running to see it EVERY time! Roasting marshmallows with the neighborhood kids. It’s a different pace; slower, calmer, sweeter. It’s always a summer destination for our family now and will always be!

  16. Brooksley Williams says:

    Some of my fondest childhood memories revolve around YMCA summer camp. I have no idea where we were, but I fondly recall the rustic “cabins” and desperately wanting to be in the “popular” one (never was). I also remember making macramé plant holders, swimming in the lake until our lips were icy blue, licking salt tablets at the looooong dinner tables, and waiting with baited breath for my name to be called when the counselors read the Mail Call list. I loved every minute of camp and was never homesick. I hope that our 2 children will someday have their own camp experience, and that their memories are equally as delicious as my own.

  17. Brooke Wright says:

    S…s’mores at the beach
    U…umbrellas flapping in the afternoon wind
    M…making sand castles
    M…melting sno-cones
    E…eating Dad’s BBQ
    R…riding the waves at Huntington

  18. Lisa Fox says:

    Going to the Hotel Del Coronado with my family for one week.

  19. kcollinsnolan says:

    Spending the summer on Cape Cod just playing outside all day!

  20. roxyala says:

    July 4th every year with my entire family and my 2 beautiful girls.

  21. lmireyascholes says:

    catching lightning bugs with my cousins in the valley.

  22. azbirdie says:

    Racing to the beach in S.D when it was still overcast before tourists arrived. It was fun huddled underneath the clean towels with our coffee.

  23. puppyroo says:

    Playing in the fire hydrants in New York City!

  24. roxie.stella says:

    Chasing the ice cream truck for 25 cents a Popsicle.

  25. kristingault says:

    “Family fun in the Sun”. Our family get together in WI every year. Bringing my husband from Vegas is a hoot.

  26. eKnorth says:

    Making our own jello Popsicles

  27. Julislu says:

    Going to highland park country club, eating french fries and ketchup, diving in the swimming pool.

  28. pnuckton says:

    Having dinner on the warf in Tiburon, Ca.

  29. andreaviso says:

    When I used to catch crabs in the caribbean and would pile then, take them to the house and hnd mom make a delicious meal with them!

  30. jamiereineke says:

    Playing outside until dark- riding bikes

  31. Matt-Manda says:

    Favorite memorie is going camping and fishing in the White Mountains and playing hide and seek at night.

  32. kirisihpotts says:

    I went on our boat to watch fireworks on the 4th of July in Minnisota.

  33. caharris8 says:

    Taking my children to my parents house on the river in Massachusetts and going clamming in the river while the dogs romp in the mud.

  34. Kris.fullerton says:

    Playing in the wheat fields.

  35. ajanderin says:

    Watching fireworks on the 4th of July on my grandpa’s boat in Arkansas by the lake

  36. jtangevine says:

    Swimming at the beach!

  37. keskinne says:

    The ice cream man- getting Snowcones and Screwballs (w/gum balls at the bottom.)

  38. Cynthia says:

    I remember hot summer afternoons, after a bit of rain, the smell of petrichor or wet earth smell. Intensely watching the drops of rain fall from the leaves. The cool breeze … The wet green grass. Getting on the hammock, rocking back and forth until the sun would set and the moonlight would turn the water on the earh into silver.

  39. Dawn W. says:

    When I was a little girl my grandparents purchased a home in Ohio. The house was miles from any shopping, in a big green field with nothing but grass, wildflowers and large, full trees. On warm summer days my grandmother would set me outside on a blanket, benath a weeping willow tree in front of the house, with a couple of popsicle sticks for me and my little neighbor friend. We would watch the leaves sway, and play with our dogs out in the grass. Later we’d read Highlights for children, a popular kid’s magazine in the 70s. At night my grandparents and I would sit on the deck outside their second floor master bedroom, in our robes and PJs, waiting for the fireflies to appear. The nights were humid but the slight breeze after my bedtime bath felt cool on my skin. And watching the fireflies light up the sky seemed mystical and carefree…just like summer nights ought to be.

  40. Gena L says:

    When I was a kid, I was really lucky to get to spend weekends at my grandparents house. I would pet the horses, catch pollywogs in the ditch, climb the fruit trees (when the fruit was ripe!), and plant my own little garden next to the ‘big’ garden. My favorite memory though, was standing under the Gravenstein apple tree with my grandpa. He would reach up and pick just the right apple, then pull out his pocket knife and cut us each a slice. That first bite was always the best. Whenever I think of those days and my grandpa, I think of that memory first.

  41. Rachel Wryan says:

    Summer means family, happiness and time. Time to idle, dream, laugh and play. Time for walks and picnics in the valley, bathing in mother nature’s bathtub and picking the palest blue forget me knots by the brook. Blueberry pies, corn on the cob and all the classics. Summer means love and all things lovely.

  42. thepalmers says:

    Catching a jar of lighning bugs with my cousins in St. Louis.

  43. vuannie says:

    Summer camp in Minnesota

  44. dq4u2 says:

    Watching the children walk through the meadow holding hands with their hair blowing in the wind.

  45. Kelli Morgan says:

    I remember running thru the neighborhood with all the other children collecting fireflys at dusk. So exciting, yet so simple. I still get excited when I see one!