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Happy Daddy Day!

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Peek wishes all the father’s out there a wonderful father’s day this weekend! We loved all the photos that were submitted in our Father’s Day contest on Facebook. We selected this great photo which we thought represented such a great memory of being at the beach with dad’s and the innocent fun that can be had! A special congratulations to Shawn A for the entry, and take a look at the winning photo below:

Your Soccer “Cheat Sheet”

Monday, June 14th, 2010

World Cup Logo

You may have noticed a little bit of soccer-mania in the air. Yep, it’s the World Cup, running from June 12 – July 11. Four years ago, it was played in Germany; this time, the site is South Africa, and it’s already proving to be full of surprises and heartbreaks.

In case you need a little primer, here are some fun facts you might need to know:

Flopping and Diving: Watch these players carefully. Soccer players can throw tantrums too, and at the slightest bump can fall to the ground so it looks like they were hit a lot harder (is this a familiar bedtime sight for you too?). Why do they do this? Sometimes, it’s to get the refs to call a foul on another player; sometimes it’s just to run out the clock a bit, so the other team has less time to score. It’s annoying, and it’s also funny. And it’s a big part of futbol.

Red Cards: You’ve surely noticed that players get “carded” when they foul. They generally get a yellow card as their first warning; too many of those, and a player can get a red card – and get kicked out of the game. Parenting note: you will start telling your kids they will get a red card if they don’t get to the table in 3…2…1…

Vuvuzelas: You’ve surely noticed that annoying buzzing sound playing constantly in the background of every game? Those are vuvuzelas, plastic horns about a yard long that South African fans love, but many others loathe. There’s talk of banning them, but for now, they’re an omnipresent reminder of the unique location of this year’s games.

There’s also one very cool thing to note about our team. Most other national teams look pretty homogeneous – all the same. The US team reflects the diversity of our population – our players’ families have come from all over to create a “multi-culti” team. Jose Torres‘ parents are Mexican, and though he grew up here, he usually plays in Mexico; Stewart Holden was born in Scotland and moved here as a kid; the powerful Oguchi Onyewu‘s parents are from Nigeria, while Jozy Altador‘s are from Haiti; Clint Dempsey grew up in Texas, but played against Mexican kids in his trailer park. The coach is Bob Bradley, and his son, Michael Bradley, is one of the best players on the team.

One more bit of drama: When Ghana plays Germany on June 23 (check out the coolest full schedule ever, here), it’ll really be brother-against-brother: Jerome and Kevin Boateng are brothers whose mom is German and whose dad is from Ghana. They each made a different team — and will play against each other. Ask the kids: What would that be like?

Of course, you’ll want to shop our collection of limited-edition World Cup tees. Regardless of who you’re rooting for, they’re a fun way to celebrate “the beautiful game.”

Peek Celebrates the World Cup with Limited Edition Tees!

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

So what’s all the fuss about? Why do we care so much about the World Cup?

The World Cup is the most popular sporting event in the world. It has taken place every 4 years since 1930 (except for 1942 and 1946 due to the world war)and lasts an entire month. This year it will have over a billion worldwide viewers. Countries from every corner of the globe send teams with the hopes of winning the $31 million prize and the coveted trophy (surprisingly not a cup).The World Cup is organized and run by FIFA, the International Federation of Association Football (French: Fédération Internationale de Football Association)which is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The tournament currently has 32 teams that are vying for the title.

World Cup Fun Facts:

  • 18 tournaments have been held since 1930.
  • 7 different countries have won the tournament: Brazil, Italy, England, Germany, Uruguay, Argentina and France
  • Brazil had the most titles with 5 tournament wins and are the only team to have competed in all 18 tournaments
  • Italy won the 2006 World Cup and are the current champions
  • Peek is celebrating this global event with a series of vintage-inspired tees for boys and baby.

England Tee
England won the world cup in 1966 (get it; there’s a 66 on the back). England was the host of the tournament that year and they beat West Germany to get their one (and only) World Cup win. They were the first host team to win since Italy in 1934. We celebrate their achievement with a shirt in the team’s famous red color, with a jersey-style graphic on the back that represents the year they won.

Italia Tee
Italy is the current reigning champion of the World Cup tournament after winning in 2006. They have won 4 (1934, 1938, 1982 and 2006) titles and have hosted twice, in 1934 and 1990. We celebrate their achievements with our shirt representing their win in 1982.

Brazil Tee
Brazil has the most tournament wins with 5 titles. They are the only team that has participated in all 18 tournaments and are always a popular team, if not the most popular. They are hosting the 2014 tournament. We celebrate their 1970 title with this tee that reads World Champions on the front.

The Boys of Summer

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Maybe summer is so magical because it comes in ready-made episodes. The rest of the year plods along, week by week, but when summer rolls around you find yourself suddenly jumping from one year to the next. “That was the summer I learned to ride a bike.” “That was the summer I learned to water ski.” “That was the summer when the annoying little tomboy up the hill turned into… Miranda.” Summer means growing up, piece by piece, in all its bittersweet glory.

Peek clothes are designed with memories in mind. When one of our tees makes you isntantly wistful, we get happy. That’s why we use retro typeface and graphics inspired by our own memories. Then you put them on your kids, and they create their own memories, and the cycle continues. Captured on a carousel of time!

Peek tees, shirts and shorts go together in myriad combinations to create an array of effortless summer looks. Here are some of our favorites – bet you can use your own memories as a jumping-off point for outfits of your own.

Catch a Wave TeeWater is such a summertime staple. Whether it’s found at the beach, the lake, the pond, or the sprinklers out back – that wet stuff is the only way to cool off on a hot day. Did you learn to paddle a canoe at camp? Did you screw up your courage to water-ski at your grandpa’s summer place? Did your dad let you stay up after dark and create a “thunderstorm” in the driveway by running the hose up to the terrace above? Did you get to fill a super-soaker and blast each other backwards while your mom fretted that you’d somehow put an eye out? Catch a wave, wherever it is… or explore our other tees (baseball! soccer! funny stuff!) and see what dormant memories they awaken in you.

Che Shirt

When summer rolls around, “dressing up” becomes less about pinchy shoes and more about… anything that’s fancier than a tee. Especially in California, where casualwear rules all year ’round, a family picnic or after-church barbecue means comfort while he runs around after his newfound friends. This is the shirt for firefly hunting, for funny faces in family photos, for walking to the ice cream store all by himself (he doesn’t have to know you’re watching from the upstairs window) with a dollar clutched in one hand and his little cousin’s hand in the other.

Sullivan ShortPants begone! But while we’ve got fond memories of cutoff shorts, our moms just remember the frustration of them ripping in the wrong place, trailing strings, and looking way worse than they felt. Oh, the fights over those precious cutoffs! Never fear – Peek has thought of it all, including “cutoff” shorts with a raw edge that’s reinforced (to save your sanity) even as it’s cute, comfortable and casual for maximum knee-exposure.