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Summer Days, Drifting Away… But Oh!

Monday, May 10th, 2010

What is it about summer memories? There’s something so nostalgic to remember those warm summer nights, the humidity, the playing, and let’s not forget the endless summer sunlight.

Here at Peek, we’re all about harnessing those feelings, bottling them, and infusing all our summer clothes with their heady brew. We want our kids to have the same cherished summer memories, plus a few of their own. It’s for them that we make sure every item we sell is easy to wear, easy to clean, sturdily constructed and just plain gorgeous. To kids, an outfit like a Matta skirt with a matching tee, paired with sneakers and maybe some warm leggings for the evening chill, say “Wear me, and have fun.” To parents, they say “Don’t worry. The pictures will be great, and you can throw the clothes in the wash (and the kids in the bath).” Win-win!

Here are some of the memories cherished by Peek staffers:

  • Lying on top of the Ford Fairlane, watching the pale streaks of a meteor shower gently slashing the sky.
  • My mom waking us up so we could go watch the Northern Lights over a lake in Maine.
  • Dad telling me to see if I could run across the yard and jump over the sprinkler before he turned it on. (Man, he was quick!)
  • Carrying a precious dollar down to the park to buy a sno-cone and savoring the last, slushy, syrupy bit in the tip.
  • The delicious terror of hearing the ghostly story of the Hackettstown Hacker as we huddled in sleeping bags around a campfire in the woods
  • Wild thunderstorms that could turn a sunny day into the darkest night in a matter of minutes.
  • Forcing myself to go barefoot on asphalt until my feet got callused and tough enough for me to go barefoot any ol’ time.
  • Begging to go to the concession stand at the baseball stadium—but Mom always packed tuna sandwiches anyway.
  • Playing “alphabet” and “out-of-state license plates” during endless road trips.
  • The smell of calamine lotion, and the way it made your skin feel rough to the touch.
  • Asking the Italian Ice guy to put as many flavors as possible into that one scoop.
  • Two words: Watermelon seeds.
  • Watching my red balloon float solemnly away when I let go of it before getting in the car.
  • The awful terror of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!
  • Shadows in the pool making my legs look striped, like a blue zebra.
  • My team winning Color Wars, and everyone jumping up and down and cheering.
  • A square, homemade birthday cake with a red “7” drawn on the top in red gel.
  • Performing “Grease” for the grownups.

What are your fave summer memories? Share your favorite summer memory at our Summer Memory Content for a chance to win $100! And, be sure to enjoy the first delicate hints of summer breezes!